Johnny Test Hindi Episodes

Johnny Test Hindi Episodes

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 11,15 min


TMDb: 4.2

Networks: ,

Johnny Test is an American /Canadian animated television series. It premiered on Kids’ WB, on The WB Television Network, on September 17, 2005. It was introduced to Cartoon Network UK on January 12, 2006 as a sneak preview on Jungle Saturdays Block, and then on June 5, 2006, added to its daily lineup. Despite the merger of the UPN and that programming block’s parent channel into The CW Television Network, the show still continued to air on Kids’ WB, on The CW, with its second and third seasons, through October 28, 2006, to March 1, 2008. The series currently airs in the United States on Cartoon Network, as of January 7, 2008, and in Canada on Teletoon, as of September 8, 2006. International airings include Teletoon in Canada, Nick Germany, Nick Netherlands, Disney Channel Spain and on Cartoon Network in Latin America, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, India and Sweden. The show was produced by Warner Bros. Animation for the first season and later seasons by Cookie Jar Entertainment & DHX Media. Starting from season 6, the show is produced by 9 Story Entertainment. The series is rated TV-Y7 for seasons 1-4, and TV-Y7-FV for season 5 onwards.

Johnny Test Season 01 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 01 Johnny to the Center of the Earth Johnny X
Episode 02 Johnny vs Bling Bling Boy Johnny Impossible
Episode 03 Extreme Crime Stopper
Episode 04 Johnny And the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack
Episode 05 House of Horrors
Episode 06 Take Your Johnny to Work Day
Episode 07 Johnny Gets Mooned
Episode 08 Turbo Time Rewinder
Episode 09 The Return of Johnny X Sonic Johnny
Episode 10 Pink Plague
Episode 11 Johnnys Extreme Game Controller
Episode 12 Johnny vs Brain Freezer
Episode 13 the Attack of the Monster Truck


Johnny Test Season 02 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 14 Turbo Toy Force
Episode 15 Johnny vs. Bling Bling 2
Episode 16 A Brand New Dad
Episode 17 Johnny Mint Chip
Episode 18a Johnnys Pet Day
Episode 19 The Enchanted Land of Johnnia
Episode 20 101 Johnnies Johnny Zombie Tea Party
Episode 21a Johnny Test in Black And White
Episode 22 Johnny Meets the Pork Ness Monster
Episode 23 Johnny vs Super Soaking Cyborgs
Episode 24b Johnny of the Jungle
Episode 25 Johnny Bee Good
Episode 26b Rock A Bye Johnny


Johnny Test Season 03 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 27 Stinkin Johnny
Episode 28 Johnny X and the Attack of the Snowmen
Episode 29 Johnny Applesauce
Episode 30 Johnny mon Bathtime for Johnny
Episode 31 Johnny Holiday
Episode 32 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Episode 33 Johnny Mustache
Episode 34 Escape from Bling Bling Island
Episode 35 Johnnys Monkey Business
Episode 36 Johnny Test in Outer Space
Episode 37a Johnny Cart Racing


Johnny Test Season 05 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 66 Johnny Goes Nuts Johnny Daddy Day
Episode 67 Johnny Cruise Rated J for Johnn
Episode 68 The Ultimate Battle
Episode 70a Johnny Swellville
Episode 71 Johnnys Rat Race
Episode 73 Johnny Goes Camping
Episode 75 Johnny Testosterone
Episode 81 A Holly Johnny Christmas
Episode 84b Extra Credit Johnny


Johnny Test Season 06 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 93b Johnnys NO 1 Fan
Episode 94 How to Train Your Johnny Johnny and Clyde
Episode 96 Johnny and Bling Bling Bond Bond

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