Kochikame Hindi Episodes

Kochikame Hindi Episodes

The typical KochiKame plot involves Kankichi “Ryo-san” Ryotsu coming up with a money-making scheme by inventing a new gadget or capitalizing on a fad, achieving great success, calling on Keiichi Nakagawa’s help as things turn sour, and finally losing it all as the fad runs out of steam or out of control. While the plots are gag-driven, much of the humor comes from the combination of mundane characters with those that are bizarrely out of place; such as Nakagawa who has wealth and Ai Asato who is a transexual. What they have in common is everyone’s lack of actual police work, most of which is never explained or rationalized in the slightest. (It is explained in Jump that Ryo-san is one of the best officers at catching criminals.) Nakagawa and Reiko Akimoto have special licenses (such as for wearing personal clothes instead of uniforms to work) from police headquarters because of their skills in linguistics.

Kochikame Hindi All Episode List

Episode 03 The SkyFlying Stall
Episode 04 The Lottery Guy
Episode 10 Rowdy Noisemaker
Episode 12 Edoko Wars
Episode 14 Together with Elephant
Episode 16 The Ohara Familys Secret Treasure
Episode 18 A Reproduction of the Kyoto Trip
Episode 20 Ways to Win the Ryotsu Tests
Episode 49 Fist of Fury in Canada
Episode 51 Profit from Ghost
Episode 56 Ryotsus Grandpa Power
Episode 64 Bonus Battle 2
Episode 72 Firing Up Camp Spirit
Episode 73 The Outrageous Professor Ezaki Appears
Episode 77 Human Crane of Desire

Episode 105 Bonus Battle 3
Episode 107 Ryotsu Shrinks
Episode 110 Asakusa Tale
Episode 112 As a Family Relative
Episode 113 48 Hours Around the World
Episode 120 Ryotsu Weds Komachi
Episode 122 Detective Newcomer Ryotsu
Episode 126 Olympic Man Higurashi
Episode 135 Showdown Golf Course Ripup
Episode 137 Jo Chamakta hai woh Sona nahi hota
Episode 138 Work Matsukichi
Episode 141 The Forever Laughing Ebisukun
Episode 151 Komachis Big Break

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