Yo-Kai Watch Hindi Episodes

Yo-Kai Watch Hindi Episodes

TV Status: Returning Series


TMDb: 7

The basic plot for most of the media is that the main character (Either Nate or Katie) obtains a Yokai Watch through Whisper, a butler Yokai. They then befriend Jibanyan, a cat Yokai who haunts an intersection because he thinks his owner from when he was alive, Amy, called him lame for getting hit by a truck.

Yo-Kai Watch Season 01 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 01 – The Spooky Intersection
Episode 02 – Fumis Depression
Episode 03 – Jinmenken Part 2
Episode 04 – Jinmenken Part3
Episode 05 – Jinmenken Part 4 Lets Exorcise
Episode 06 – The Forbidden Sleepover
Episode 07 – Yo-Kai Mitomen
Episode 09 – Robonyan Activate
Episode 10 – Legend Yo-Kai Bushinyan Has Arrived
Episode 11 – That Guy Is Coming Back
Episode 12 – The Dog Escape Episode 1
Episode 13 – The Dog Escape Episode 2
Episode 14 – The Dog Escape Episode 3
Episode 15 – The Dog Escape Episode 4
Episode 16 – The Dog Escape Episode 5
Episode 17 – The Dog Escape Episode 6
Episode 18 – The Amusement Park
Episode 19 – The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 2
Episode 21 – Love and Poetry and Coffee Cup 1
Episode 22 – Why Does My Shoulder Feel Stiff
Episode 24 – The Real One Appears
Episode 25 – Jibanyans Secret
Episode 26 – Love and Poetry and Coffee Cup 5
Episode 27 – Opening the Right Box
Episode 28 – Classic Yo-Kai Are Cool
Episode 29 – Yo-Kai Sakasakkasa

Yo-Kai Watch Season 02 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 27 The New Yo Kai Watch, The Unboxing
Episode 28 Here Come the Classic Yo Kai, Lets Exorcise Again, Are They Really Cool
Episode 29 Springdale Five Yo Part 01, Yo Kai Swelton, Yo Kai Brokenbrella


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